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AmPlug2 FLY Blackstar Portable Amplifier

The amPlug2 FLY headphone amplifiers for guitar and bass are the perfect solution to practice or study when noise is a restriction or when inspiration arrives in the wee hours.

Designed by Blackstar in the United Kingdom, the AmPlug2 FLY models are battery powered and have a folding instrument plug for connection to any type of guitar body or Bass.

The super compact design can be carried anywhere and is the easiest way to get real Blackstar amplifier tones in your headphones.



The AmPlug2 FLY Bass was designed specifically for low frequencies and offers a wide range of responses. There are three separate built-in channels, Classic, Modern and Overdrive, and a custom tone control, to bring the sound from deep and thunderous to brilliant and sharp. Wrap one of six different Rhythm loops to find your rhythm and play.

3 bass channels in one unit

  • Classic – Valve inspired tone with intermediate growl
  • Modern – Fat lower extremity with a shell in the middle and prolonged treble
  • Overdrive – Smooth and natural overdrive with a lot of bite

Six different rhythm loops integrated

Select Rock, Funk, R&B, Hip Hop, Blues, Metronome and set the beat with the simple Tap Tempo control.


Fonte: Blackstar

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